Move with Style, Live with Abandon

Remember a moment when you stopped thinking about your surroundings, your past and your future. You had everything you wanted or needed to just live. Pursue more of these moments. 

The flagship bags were made for someone who needs to go from bike commute to a business meeting to dinner with friends. Your Favorite Dress is an oh-so-easy to wear, made-to-measure custom piece sewn just for you.  

Esperanza Workshop products were originally designed to support an existence full of abandon, curiosity and constant generosity. All products were designed and made in Oakland, California using thoughtful and handsome materials.

We are not in active production at the moment, but if you are interested in one of our original bag designs hand made with waxed linen, send me a note on the contact page and Iā€™d love to work with you on a custom order.




The Kate Envelope bag & the Dorothy Tote

The Kate Envelope bag & the Dorothy Tote