The Favorite Dress

Let me share with you why I am so excited about the the Favorite Dress!

The Favorite Dress is classic in shape and style. The cut of this dress is timeless and will look good on you in 10 years, whether you are 20 or 50 now. This dress has been been made with extreme care out of fabrics that have been hand picked by me, all sourced from other local businesses. My sincere intention is that this dress is going to make the beautiful you feel like the one and only the star you are! 

Because each piece is made to order, each Favorite Dress is perfect for someone who hates to shop, or doesn’t have time to shop. I will measure you and help you pick a fabric that meets your color, care and drape preferences.

The Favorite Dress Experience is also perfect for someone who might be interested in learning to sew or wants to really know more about what goes into making a dress. Each Experience will be imaginative, unique and co-created together!

But how did it come to be?

I realized I most love my business when I encounter people who want to know how everything works. They want to see the process and feel like they are part of the story of what they are buying. So I wanted to create something that highlighted that type of experience. This dress isn’t about me as a designer, it is all about me listening to the person who will wearing the dress so they look their very best.

I’ll be popping up at Viscera in Oakland, CA's downtown for the month of November & I can arrange to meet you at my studio in Oakland’s Chinatown or give you a demo over Skype if you aren’t local. Want to invite me to pop up somewhere? I’d love to! Please contact me and I’ll get back to you super soon!

So please dear friends, bring me your crazy fabrics, your loved heirloom threads, your hunger for learning, or just your simple need for a dress that fits you right. I am so excited to meet you!