Kate Envelope


The Kate Envelope is designed to carry a lady cyclist's’ minimalist essentials wherever her day takes her. Kate’s design is simple but includes useful features like:


  • Kate converts from a crossbody bag, to a stylish clutch

  • A simple inner pocket keeps valuables (or chapstick) safe

  • No need to manage Kate while biking. A clever strap arrangement lets you hook the bag to your handlebars for bag-free riding

  • A versatile leather exterior strap serves as an anchor for your bike lock and blinky light. You can also use the strap to attach your Kate Envelope directly to your Dorothy Tote for those extra big adventures

  • Our signature simple snap closure keeps your belongings secure

  • The Kate Envelope is made of waxed linen, which is beautiful, water resistant and extremely durable

  • We use plant-based dyes, like turmeric, to create our colors




Width (13in, 33cm)

Height (8.5in, 22cm)

Total Strap Length (Adjustable, Max Length)  (44in,110cm)


Founder Jen and her small team make each bag from start to finish in her Downtown Oakland Studio (it's an old print shop!) everything from dying the raw linen, to waxing it with beeswax to sewing the finished bag.


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Additional Info

Orders will take approximately 2-3 weeks from the time of order to ship. 

The Turmeric color is actually dyed with the spice Turmeric! So, the dye will fade some with time and wear, just like your favorite jeans.

If you do order a bag in Turmeric, you will be receiving a special one-of-a-kind bag and you should feel excited about allowing the maker to take a little artistic license with your piece! At Checkout, you'll have the opportunity to let us know your preferences in the amount of yellow and the placement on the front panel you prefer.